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November 10, 2008

I Am Venturing Into New Territory


I didn’t have a chance to write anything last week because I was preparing to traverse into two new avenues.

First, I have a new home on BlogTalk Radio. This website offers amateurs like me the opportunity to host their own talk show about any topic of one’s interests. The beauty of this new technology is that it allows one to broadcast live over the internet, and I can chat with my audience by way of live on-air phone calls and instant messages during the show.

I produced my first live show over the weekend, however, I didn’t promote this show because I wanted to focus on getting the “feel” for it, and working out the kinks. The show can be listened to at my home page on BlogTalk Radio (Click Here). This is also where one can check to see when I am scheduled for my next live broadcast.
The only negative I find with this live show is the audio quality. The sound is not the best, but I’m working on delivering the best sound quality the software can provide.

Also, in conjunction with my live show, I have created a new website called DigitalTestosterone.com. This website will be a collection of audio and videos related to men’s and father’s issues. The live audio shows that I produce will be recorded by me in a higher quality format than that used by BlogTalk Radio, and will be archived at DigitalTestosterone.com, in addition to BlogTalk Radio’s automatic archiving of all my work. If you missed my live show, or would like to hear the show in a higher quality format, it can be listened to or downloaded at DigitalTestosterone.com.

If you know anyone (including yourself) who is currently involved in men, father, and gender issues, and you think he or she would make an interesting guest on my show, please contact me by email. Or if you know of some event related to men and father issues happening in your town and would like me to promote it, please pass the information on. And of course, if you just want to call in to express an opinion during a live show, feel free to do so.

Also, should anyone come across any great videos or audios in relation to men’s and father’s issues that they feel would be appropriate for DigitalTestosterone.com, please send them to me. Or if you come across a news story that you feel would be a great topic on my live show, please forward it.

Links for both websites can be found in the sidebar on this page.




April 7, 2008

In the News…

Here are my picks from the web over the last couple of weeks that I will share with my readers. 

Menstrual Poetry

This is a great feminist read. It is a monthly news letter covering feminist thought on various topics. I absolutely love it because it gives great validation concerning every opinion I have about feminism. In this newsletter, you can find out just how terrible men are, and how women can find a way to blame men for everything. I think the title should have been “It’s All Your Fault”.
But don’t you just love the title? Feminist have cried about the derogatory and sexist words and phrases perpetuated by the patriarchy. What a paradigm shift, don’t you agree? 
A must read for any MRA because validation of our perceptions concerning feminism are accomplished by the babes themselves. Less work, more time to play!

Husbands create 7 hours of extra housework a week: study

Here is the blame and shame game being directed towards men again. In this study, we find out that when women marry, their husbands cause them seven extra hours of work a week. But first, let me give credit where credit is due. The article does mention the reality of household management. It does state that while marriage causes women to work more at home, it is a natural balancing act between men and women because the husband works more hours out of the home. I can only think this intellectual assessment was included because of all the arduous advocacy done by MRA’s to raise awareness to the mythology that men sit around and do nothing, while women are overburdened when it comes to family management.
However, I have one serious bitch. The story itself will be ignored while the disparaging sexist title is the only part everyone – especially women – will remember.

A degree of difficulty for feminism as students change the subject

This article points out the diminishing number of women studies graduates. It seems today’s young women are more interested in getting a degree that will translate into cold hard cash. So it seems feminism has done its job. Young women today are earning their independence through education, which in turn gives them financial independence, which in turn reinforces their self-esteem, which in turn reinforces the belief that a woman doesn’t need a man. Feminism, it seems, has truly led to the liberation of women.
Let’s reflect.
Today’s women focus on their careers, tenasiously driven by the need to sustain financial independence and stability. They bypass marriage as their own desires and needs become the ultimate priority. And when they are ready to settle down and marry, THEY will make this choice – nobody will pressure them into it.

So you see, feminism was all about turning women into men; shockingly distant admirers of men and masculinity, taking notes and using deceptive measures to make it appear that they really despised men and masculinity. Who knew? How come we didn’t see this sooner?


From the ”Succesful females that sexualize themselves” files:

Audrina Patridge of the hit MTV show “The Hills” was discovered to have taken part in nude photos before her rise to fame. But why did she do the photo shoots? Because she thought it would lead to fame. This is what she had to say:

I took these photos years ago when I was just out of high school and beginning to model. I was young and very trusting of others and I didn’t know to protect myself. It is a lesson learned, for myself, and hopefully for the young girls who look up to me.

So her message to young girls is not to be manipulated into using your sexuality to achieve fame and fortune – unless of course you are her. After all, she did a nude photo shoot to achieve fame and fortune, and she now has – fame and fortune.
And Audrina really showed how serious she is about her “message” when just this past month she appeared at Sin City’s Pussycat Dolls Lounge as a guest doll wearing what Fox News reported was “a super-sexy rhinestone studded get-up with fishnet stockings and a sequined hat. She later returned to the spotlight to flash a lot more flesh in itty-bitty black hotpants with a pink feather boa.”

Fox also reported, “Audrina, meanwhile, is lapping up the extra attention and sensibly using it to pump up her profile” referring to her nude scandal. As a matter of fact, Audrina and her “people” are gushing with excitement due to the publicity the scandal has delivered for the young actress. Fox News reports, ” So if she is smart about it, Audrina may very well be the next Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian with millions of dollars to prove it.”

With an advocate like Audrina, we should see more young girls getting the message that sexualizing themselves to get ahead is a dead-end street. After all, look how tragic it’s been for her.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: A nude photo of France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is to be auctioned off at a sale next month in New York City, an auction house said. The photo is expected fetch $3,000 to $4,000 at the auction.

Aren’t we glad how these successful woman reinforce the belief in our young women that their sexuality is not the key to success? 


A Playboy Model’s Cinderella Story: Here is a feel good story. Maria de Lujan Telpuk is a well known heroine in Argentina. Now known as the “suitcase girl”, Maria was asked one day to work security at the Buenos Aires airport. Working for Argentina’s National Aeronautics, she began her security duties in the VIP section when suddenly she discovered a suitcase filled with three quarters of a million dollars. The suitcase belonged to a powerful business man who has been linked to Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela. The legal limit in Argentina for undeclared currency is $10,000. 
Instead of taking a bribe, Maria turned him in, setting off a political firestrom for the region’s politicians, but gaining respect and heroine status from the general public.   

So what did Maria do with her new found fame and status? Just what every girl does in these situations; she determined it was time to get breast implants and pose for Playboy. Another distinguished mentor for our young women!

(OK, for those that are doing research on breast augmentation, or plan on becoming plastic surgeons, here are the pictures.)  


The Pussy Cat Dolls: This favorite, all female band, of preteen and early teen girls has come out with their own lingerie collection which reveals lots, and lots of flesh.
Perfect! What else do you get the growing teen girl who has everything?

No Punishment: Teacher Posts Dominatrix Pics With Students on Website (video):  A photo of a teacher dressed as a dominatrix, and shown dominating one of her scantily clad students, was found on the teachers website. However, the school does not believe this interferes with her ability to teach, and decided she will receive no punishment. The teachers excuse? It was part of her cirriculaum for the creative writing class she taught.

What? Did her whip have a ball point pen on the end of it?

There you have it! This is proof that men and the patriarchy are responsible for degrading and sexualizing women. One cannot challenge this kind of data!

From “Fighting the myth ‘Men are Monsters, Women are Martyrs’ Files”:

Broken Bones, Fractured Skull: Mother Accused Of Viciously Beating 7-Week-Old: Mother beats child so bad he is not expected to live. This same woman had been investigated over another abuse charge concerning her daughter, but nobody was looking out for her son.

Woman gets death sentence in fetus-snatching murder: A woman convicted of murdering an expectant mother and kidnapping the baby from her womb received a federal death sentence. Lisa Montgomery, convicted of killing a pregnant woman, joins two other women on federal death row. U.S. District Judge Gary Fenner handed down the sentence in Kansas City, Missouri, on Friday. Lisa Montgomery becomes only the third woman on federal death row.

Only the third woman on death row? Boy it really sucks being a woman living in this male dominated world.

Woman Gets 99 Years in Killing Plot: A former stripper-turned-soccer-mom convicted of plotting to kill her former fiancé 12 years ago was sentenced Wednesday to 99 years in prison.
Mechele Linehan, 35, who until her arrest had been living a quiet life as the wife of an Olympia, Wash., doctor, was convicted in October of first-degree murder in the 1996 shooting death of Kent Leppink. Anchorage Superior Court Judge Philip Volland called the crime the worst in its category: premeditated, cold and cruel. The motive was a $1 million insurance policy that Linehan mistakenly believed named her as the beneficiary, prosecutors said.

Sounds to me like there should be four women on death row. Anybody have the guts to say “female privilage”?

Year’s jail for ‘wicked’ false rape accusation: A woman who falsely accused a soldier of rape has been described as “wicked” by the judge who sentenced her to a year in jail. Amanda Lang, 21, had consensual sex with Lance Corporal Philip Trowell after drinking with him at RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire. The act took place in Lang’s bedroom which she shared with her pilot boyfriend. The court heard that after sex Lang started to cry, saying she felt guilty. Once L/Cpl Trowell had left, she complained to neighbours that she had been raped.
Lang sobbed as Judge Julian Hall, at Oxford Crown Court, sentenced her to one year in prison and told her: “What you did was wicked. That is the evil of what you did – it undermines the whole process. This is a case where a message has to be sent out to everybody that false allegations of rape are insidious to a degree.”

It’s nice to see the courts are finally realizing how damaging false allegations are, not only to the victim, but to society overall. But sentencing her to one year in jail is a slap on the wrist. She’ll be out long before the year is over, so the message sent is a weak one. (Note: She had sex with this man in the bed she shares with her boyfriend, and then had the audacity to accuse him of disgusting, immoral behavior. What a piece of work she is.)

Now woman in YouTube ‘rape’ is arrested over underage sex allegations: It was the shocking video that caused outrage and led to calls for YouTube to vet all its content. The three-minute clip, filmed on a mobile phone, apparently showed a young and unconscious mother being gang raped as she lay helpless in her own home. It was posted on the popular video-sharing website, which is owned by Google, within hours of the incident on November 6 and was viewed more than 600 times. The clip stayed on the website for three months after YouTube staff failed to remove it.
The alleged victim claims it shows her being raped by three boys in front of her screaming children, aged two and four, after being drugged.
But yesterday it was revealed that the 24-year-old woman has now been arrested on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old and perverting the course of justice.
Scotland Yard confirmed it will take no further action against two 16-year-olds and a 14-yearold arrested in February in connection with the video.

Is this woman the sister of the one above, or is this behavior becoming a trademark characteristic of femininity?

Thief slithers away with a big snake — in her pants: Police in Michigan’s capital are searching for a woman who stuffed a baby boa constrictor down her pants and slipped away from a local pet store, the Lansing State Journal tells us. Security cameras recorded the heist yesterday, the owner of Preuss Animal House told the LSJ. (Like USA Today, it’s owned by Gannett.) The woman opened a glass case, snatched the snake and jammed it you-know-where.

Well… I can’t… it’s too easy.






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April 6, 2008

An Hour With J. Soltys


Here is my podcast for the week. My podcasts attempt to balance the dichotomy of looking seriously at issues affecting men and fathers, and at the same time, trying to make it entertaining by the inclusion of typical male humor. It can be listened to or downloaded here

This week I fly solo again, covering topics that include:

— A humorous look at Hillary Clinton’s analogy to the movie persona Rocky Balboa which includes an exclusive interview with Hillary herself!

— A Colorado college found two male students guilty of violating school policy after mocking a project by a college feminist group because it contained offensive material. However, both groups used similar material in their projects, but the female students received no punishment.

— A new study shows that men and women behave differently when acknowledging the subtleties of dating cues. Is the research sexist towards men?

— Joe gives his salute to the beginning of the baseball season and wonders what baseball will be like this year without Barry Bonds, which ends with a comedic honoring of the controversial legend.

Musical guest this week: Delilah Why performing Givin It and the Joel Lightman Band performing Good Bye, Good Luck, Good Riddance.

(Correction: During the show, I mistakenly called Delilah Why “Delilah” and their song Givin It “Why Givin It”. I apologize to the band and my listeners.

March 30, 2008

New Podcast is Posted

I’ve posted my most recent podcast. It can be found by clicking on JJ’s Garage-Semi-Live in the sidebar or by clicking here.

For this podcast I go solo, as my partner Jim is taking a sabbatical. This is the first time I’ve had to do a show by myself.
I talk about Hillary Clinton, her lies, and her daughter’s “shock and awe” over the question of her mother’s handling of the Monica affair.
I also talk about the increasing stories of false allegations of rape being committed by women and the limited consequences they suffer.
I then share a female writer’s article with my listeners concerning her disgust with spring break gals who look forward to this tradition to hyper-sexualize themselves.
And I end with some serious man talk: Ten drinks men should never order. 

So enjoy!

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March 8, 2008

In the News…


Sorry for the delays in posting. I’ve been fighting the flu bug all week. Just don’t have the energy I usually do.

Anyway, here are the stories I found interesting over the last week that I wanted to share:

Duke University Trying to Shut Down Lacrosse Team Website

The Duke University legal team and its administration filed a motion in court to have a website, created by the lacrosse team students involved in the ongoing lawsuits, shut down because they feel it might prejudice the outcome of the proceedings. The website is used by the lacrosse players to inform others of the ongoing legal proceedings against the university and others.
So let me get this straight. Duke University, which rushed to judgment against the players, the accused, and the head coach, and played a large role in creating prejudice against these men within the community and the media, is now scared that a single website is going to place so much prejudice against the university, that it is in the best interest of fairness and justice to have it shut down?
Note to Duke University: Had you truly believed in fairness and justice for all, and not just for yourselves, you wouldn’t be in this situation.


Turns out, not only do women lie, but they’re much more skilled at it than men, something men have known for years. A new book by Susan Shapiro Barash called “Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Why Women Lie,” explains that women lie quite often. While the book reveals some very interesting facts such as 60% of women admit to cheating on their partner, it still relies on the “benevolence” of women’s destructive behavior. I’ve written about this before. It involves the way society perceives and judges female destructive behavior versus male destructive behavior. Susan says women lie as a “survival” mechanism. This implies that women have no choice but to lie in order to achieve some kind of normalcy in their lives. When women choose to lie – or engage in some other destructive behavior -they do so as a means to overcome adversity. A woman’s destructive behavior is not her fault; it is really the fault of some other person or entity that has forced her to do so. And even though her behavior is wrong, there is a tremendous positive aspect to all of it. It follows the formula that if we as a society can now recognize the conditions that led to this behavior, and now begin to seriously address them in the future; consequently, we have the opportunity to create a brand new world in which everyone is better and happier. 

As for male destructive behavior? It is usually seen as a product of selfishness, cowardliness, and irresponsibility. Men’s destructive behavior is viewed only from the perception of how it has affected others, and the damage it has caused. The man’s behavior has only one positive outcome: take responsibility for your actions like an a “real man” and apologize to those who have been harmed by your actions.

So you see, male destructive behavior is perceived as malevolent under most circumstances. With female destructive behavior, we find someone or something else to blame, and then create a “condition” upon which it existed, and then begin a process to eradicate the components of that condition, thereby changing women’s lives for the better, and by default, society as a whole. Presto! The “benevolence” of female destructive behavior.
If we approached men’s destructive behavior with the same compassion and understanding, image how much improvement we could make in the lives of men.

Study: Short Sex is Best

Again, let’s chalk one up for men’s intuition and masculinity. After years of being humiliated by women for our “Wham Bam Thank-you Mame” approach to sex, a new study shows that both men and women agree that the shorter the intercourse, the more satisfying the sex.
So now we just need to work on getting the whole foreplay thing down to less than five minutes and I guarantee men’s sex lives will improve greatly. As for the ladies? Well look at it this way. If we are spending less time in the bedroom, then we will have more time to help with housework. A win-win situation the way I see it.

Juggling life as both Mr. Wallet and Mr. Mom

Here is a great article written by a woman who shows something rarely seen by the majority of women – a compassion for men and their issues. The article, written by Sarah Hampson, points out the hardships divorced fathers face, particularly with their children and overbearing ex-wives.
Quote: What is forgotten is that fathers have their own painful adjustment to divorce that is different than that faced by mothers. Just as mothers have to make the transition to single household head, so do fathers, and for them, that often means an increased involvement as a parent on several levels – emotional, social and financial. He becomes both Mr. Wallet and Mr. Mom.

Some victories for men

Man to get child support back

In a rare judicial move, a man who was falsely accused of being the father of a woman’s child was awarded over $14000 in restitution for years of improper child support payments. The judge heard evidence that revealed to him that the mother knew there was enough reasonable doubt to conclude that the man was not the father of her child. 
The sad part in all of this is that the ruling forces not just the mother to pay restitution, but the biological father also. While I’m not disagreeing with this, I feel the mother should bear the majority of the responsibility. It was her intentional lies to both men and child that caused this disturbing situation. Shouldn’t she be a “real woman” and take the majority of the responsibility?

Colorado Rockies face mediation over ‘Ladies Night’

The Colorado Civil Rights Division has found enough credible evidence that the Colorado Rockies Ladies Night promotion, which offers privileges for women only, is discriminatory. Stephen Horner, who has led numerous fights against these inequities, and is the plaintiff in this case, was ordered into mediation with the organization to resolve the issue.
Quote: “Ladies night promotions are an illegal practice and the commission urges public establishments to immediately cease and desist such practices,” the commission wrote in his ruling.

French women ‘are the sexual predators now’

In one of the most comprehensive studies completed by French researchers concerning the nation’s sexual habits, it found the belief that men are the more aggressive sex is changing and women are taking the lead. It seems French women’s sexual habits are more open and aggressive than in previous generations. At the same time, French men’s need for sex is declining.
So I guess we need to change our way of thinking about women. “Sugar and spice and wanna have some fun tonight?”
Quote: “The good old dichotomy (male predators, females patiently awaiting the warrior’s return in front of the cave entrance) is in big trouble”, said Le Nouvel Observateur.

From “Fighting the myth Men are Monsters, Women are Martyrs’ Files”:

Police: Woman fired gun in church, wrecked vehicle: Police say a Newport woman who fired a gun inside a church is in critical condition after she wrecked her vehicle trying to flee officers. Newport Police say Janet Compton, 52, walked into a crowded Hilltop Baptist Church service Wednesday evening with a pistol and approached her husband, Michael Compton, 53. They are going through a divorce. Police say she fired one shot into the floor before pulling the phone line out of the wall. She then began to pursue him as he ran out of the church. She then led police on a brief pursuit before flipping her minivan.
As we know from feminist teachings, this woman is suffering from battered women syndrome. That is how domestic homicide is explained away when the perpetrator is female and the victim is male. As one can see, she was living in such fear of him that she willfully obtained a gun, drove around looking for him, found him in a public place, and then chased him around trying to kill him. This is a clear example of how much fear she lived in day-to-day, by way of the great lengths she went through to eliminate her abuser. It is all starting to make sense to me now.

Teacher Allegedly Sends Boy Topless PicturesA Catholic school teacher on Friday was facing charges after allegedly e-mailing topless pictures of herself to a 15-year-old male student, MyFoxStl.com reported.
English teacher Melissa Moss, 27, was fired from her job at the Barat Academy in November after school officials said the teen’s parents, Robert and Kelly Pfeiffer, found the controversial pictures while monitoring his Internet use.
She must be French.

Jury Convicts Woman of Arson in Eco-Terror Firebombing at CollegeA federal jury Thursday found a woman guilty of two counts of arson for being the lookout in the 2001 burning of the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture by members of the radical Earth Liberation Front.
How come the feminist aren’t fighting the inequity of women leaders in radical movements such as this one?
Why was this woman delegated to only a lookout? Don’t radicals deserve equal treatment too?

Woman who cried rape five times is spared jail for perverting the course of justiceA binge-drinking woman who accused five innocent men of rape walked free from court.
Tracy Brooks, 26, wasted massive amounts of police time when she made two false allegations against two friends within the space of a month last summer.
The men were arrested, questioned, held for hours in custody and faced the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence if her claims were believed.
But weeks later, she came clean and told detectives the allegations were false.
Several years ago, Brooks, a self-confessed binge-drinker, falsely accused three other men of rape in separate incidents, Newcastle Crown Court was told. But the judge said he could not take these incidents into account in passing sentence because she had never been formally cautioned or charged in relation to them.
It really sucks being female in a male dominated world doesn’t it? Destroy male lives and reputations, and then walk away unscathed, just like the Duke University case.

Police: Wife Kills Husband With Child NearbyA DeKalb County woman is in jail charged with murder, after police said she shot and killed her husband while their 5-year-old daughter was in their house in Dunwoody.

‘Extraordinarily Brutal’ Crime Draws 28-Year Term: Toni Brown is paralyzed from her neck down, the result of a jealous ex-lover’s bullet that severed her spine five months ago. She had just left work at a Safeway store in Northwest Washington when she was hit in the neck and left for dead, prosecutors said. The shot was fired by Brown’s former girlfriend, Raina L. Johnson, who surprised her on the street after Brown, 32, had obtained a civil protection order that was supposed to keep Johnson at a distance. Witnesses said they heard Johnson shout at Brown, “I said I was going to get you,” before she hurled a crude epithet and ran away. Brown later told prosecutors how she had lain on the sidewalk watching her blood “pour out of me like water.”
Judging from the last two stories, isn’t it comforting to know that domestic violence is only a crime involving men attacking women?

I will now take some aspirin and rest. See you all on Monday.





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February 29, 2008

In the News…


From the “Succesful females that sexualize themselves” files:

Diablo Cody, former stripper and now Oscar winning screenwriter of the hit movie Juno, has been the latest successful female to have nude pictures of herself appear on the internet. Most of the pictures reveal her in provocative clothing and poses.

It has been revealed that Fox News reporter Courtney Friel posed for Maxim magazine before landing her job at Fox. After her hiring, she removed the photos from her website.
I guess it was a respectable method to use in attracting job prospects, but embarrasing to admit to once you’ve found employment. Strange how that works.

Lene Alexandra, the Norwegian singer and model has wrote and produced a video expressing how wonderful her breasts are. The song, titled “My Boobs Are OK” is a hit in the Norwegian music scene. With a refrain that that goes, “My boobs, my boobs, my boobs are OK”, along with photos of her revealing her over-endowed breast, it’s no wonder people are taking notice.  

Actress Kate Beckinsale in an interview with Allure magazine revealed she thinks her best feature is her vagina. She even has created her own nicknames for it.
Isn’t funny how women, as they have become more empowered,  they behave more and more like men? This is why I find masculinity more harmless than offensive. If it was as bad as women believe, they would avoid any behavior remotely similar to it.

Jennifer Lopez has had her ass insured for 1 billion dollars. She sends a strong message to our young girls that the female ass is worth more than the female brain.

Sherri Shepard, co-host of The View, believes that mothers walking around naked in front of their sons his OK. She says her breast bouncing around in front of him is harmless. However, in a display of the ever present female ego, she says that fathers walking around naked in front of their daughters would be traumatic. She states that nobody wants to see an external organ flailing about in front of them. 
As they say, the ego is fraught with ignorance and hypocrisy. Watch video.

From “Fighting the myth Men are Monsters, Women are Martyrs’ Files”:

New Jersey Nanny Admits Drugging Toddlers So They’d Sleep: A 24 year old nanny spiked the drinks of a two toddlers aged 3 and 1 years with an allergy medication because she felt she couldn’t handle the responsibility of caring for the children.
So why didn’t she just kill them like most women do? (I know, too blunt. But sadly, too true. Please read on.)

Woman Gets 30 Years for Poison Plot: A British woman has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for trying to kill her husband by lacing his food and wine with antifreeze. Husband Lee Knight spent 10 weeks in a coma and was left deaf, blind and brain damaged.
The feminist are right. Women can be as competitive as men in the sciences. The last two women have shown a natural talent in chemistry.

Conn. Girl Lights Teacher’s Hair On Fire: Milford officials expelled a Jonathan Law High School student, who was accused of lighting her science teacher’s hair on fire during class. Police said the girl was arrested after igniting George Lardas’ ponytail with a lighter.
The feminist are adamant that this is not the young girls fault. Rather it is a reaction to the inherent sexism in our nations academics in which boys receive more attention than girls. This was a cry for help from a young girl who felt neglected, ignored, and maligned by her teacher and the institution.

St. Helens Newborn Found In Toilet: A mother abandoned her newborn baby girl in a toilet at a St. Helens nursing facility, police said Tuesday. Police said their investigation showed the 21-year-old mother, who works at the nursing facility, tried to kill the baby and cover up her existence.
The real tragedy in this story is that Oregon has enacted the “Safe Haven” law where the woman could have turned her child over to any staff member of the hospital with no questions asked. Instead, she attempted to murder the innocent child.

Baby Found In Hospital Trashcan Dies: A baby whose mother allegedly threw him in a hospital trashcan after giving birth to him in a hospital restroom has died, KPRC Local 2 reported. Investigators said she went into a restroom, gave birth to her son, wrapped him in paper towels and tossed him into a trashcan. CPS officials said she told them she did not want any more children.
Again a woman chooses to murder the child rather than just hand it over to hospital staff. More importantly, Texas is where the Safe Haven concept began so it’s hard to believe she was ignorant of the law.
Yes, some men run from the responsibility of caring for their children, but at least we allow them so live. Women are given numerous choices to avoid the responsibility of caring for a child, but they overwhelmingly choose to kill it – and we accept this behavior.

Sauk Village girl who suffocated her newborn baby is sentenced to 5 years of probation: A Sauk Village girl who suffocated her newborn daughter, then placed her in the trash, was sentenced Tuesday to 5 years of probation and mandatory counseling by a Cook County Juvenile Court judge. Although court officials discussed sentencing the girl to time in a juvenile detention center, attorneys and officials involved in the case said the girl would be better served if she remained in the custody of her mother. She suffocated the baby with a blanket and put her body in the trash, police said. The body was found later that night by a female relative.
As part of her counseling, she is being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, and eventually her entire family will get counseling.
During the sentencing, Stuttley (the judge) told the girl that she’s young and that it’s expected she’ll make mistakes.

What the f*** is going on here. This is so hard to believe! When a young man kills his own child it is called murder, and he will be looking at some sort of prison sentence. When a young girl kills her child, she is treated as the real victim, given compassion, understanding, and professional treatment to get her life back “on track”. Her violence upon a newborn child is dismissed as just a youthful indiscretion that every young girl makes? What’s next, “Newborn Killer Barbie” for girls to “take away” the stigma of being a child murderer?
As one writer put it, “Men are demonized, women are diagnosed“. Or as I like to say, if you murder, your best defense is to be female. The potential for a “get out of jail free card” is only one form of many female privileges in our “male privileged” society.




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February 22, 2008

In the News…

coffee-and-newspaper.jpg     Here are some interesting stories/articles I have gathered over the past weeks:

Players allege Duke failed to protect their reputation

In a move that has never been seen before in legal circles, the unindicted players of the Duke Lacrosse team are suing Duke University and the city of Durham. CNN reports the players and their attorney are alleging they “suffered emotionally and their reputations were injured during the months in which three of their teammates were falsely accused of sexual assault.”

While I am glad to see false accusations of rape being dealt with the same seriousness as rape itself, I am still upset that the actual woman who started this whole mess has gone unscathed. As a matter of fact, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Operation Push offered to pay for her college education even if the charges were proven false.  So while this woman’s accusations destroyed many lives and reputations, she however, is being rewarded for her nefarious behavior with a free education.
Displaying that kind of “actions vs. consequences” to a national audience, do you think this these lawsuits will really put an end to this behavior? No. The actual perpetrator suffers no consequences. What’s the motive to stop others?
Click here for a PDF of the actual case filing.

Ask Dr. Helen – Is Male Bashing Curable

This is a great letter sent to Dr. Helen by a man who is frustrated by all the negative labels and stereotypes about men. It appears he has given up on trying to please women because he finds they are never pleased with men. His letter is one I think most men can relate to. Also, Dr. Helen gives him some advice that is identical to my position concerning women who openly bash men:
Make it unpleasant for them to let out their toxic tirades and they will stop—and it often takes so little effort. Notice that people in public places and the media rarely say anything derogatory about women. Why? It is socially unacceptable and they are afraid to. Make it costly for people to bash men and they will stop. Start with small steps—if all men and the women who gave a damn spoke up or told people to knock it off when the male bashing started, we would hear a lot less of it.

Male And Female Adolescents Equally Victims Of Physical Dating Violence, Study Shows

This article was originally posted at the end of last year. It’s just one more piece of research – in a growing body of research – that shows women are as aggressive and violent as men in relationships these days. What the research also found, was that boys are as likely as girls to admit to being victims of dating violence. I am not sure I would state that this is always true, I would opinion that were seeing a shifting of the paradigm, where boys may be less uncomfortable reporting female violence directed at them.

Boys, Too, Suffer Long-term Consequences Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Contrary to popular myth, being “Hot for Teacher” is a better fantasy for young males than realty. This study finds that child sexual abuse has the same psychological consequences for males as well as females. But the most poignant finding in the study is that a whopping 40% of the male victims reported the perpetrator as being female. 
I now understand why women call their young lovers “boy toys”. It’s a sick reality.

Strokes Among Middle-Aged Women Triple

Did you ever hear women complain about how men are irresponsible when it comes to their health? Well, this is another health study which shows women are just as guilty as men when it comes to irresponsible living. The study found the number of women having strokes is increasing at an alarming rate due to the increasing rates of obesity in the female population. It appears we need to rethink the “couch potato” as a “guy thing”. Maybe we should now include the term “couch crumpets” to honor the arrival of our female counter-parts into the mix.

From “Fighting the myth Men are Monsters, Women are Martyrs’ Files”:

Pregnant Woman Accused of Assault at BarA woman who is seven months pregnant is accused of smashing a beer bottle against a bartender’s head after she was refused another drink. Police said Keisharra Abercrombie, 30, assaulted the female bartender on Saturday after being told she shouldn’t be drinking alcohol.”
She’s seven months pregnant and getting liquored up?

S.C. Teacher Sentenced to 6 Years for Sex Acts With 5 Boys:  “A former middle school teacher was sent to prison for six years Tuesday for having sexual encounters with five teenage boys.”
That’s it? A little more than one year for each victim? If this was a man who had sex with five little girls, do you think he would see this kind of leniency? Absolutely not. The community would want him hung from the highest tree. This is an example of how we value the emotional and physical well-being of females more than the emotional and physical well-being of males. Since the victims were male, and the perpetrator female, there is no national outrage over this rapist’s light sentence.

Police Say New York Woman Stabbed Man With Kitchen Knife for Calling Her ‘Ugly’ :  “A woman in Westchester County is facing charges that she stabbed a man who said she was ugly. She allegedly used a kitchen knife to stab him in the shoulder.”
Using their usual positive spin on female destructive behavior, I sure feminist will make the argument that this incident proves men should be doing more to empower women and get them OUT of the kitchen, in the name of men’s health.

Shot ex-cop’s wife makes frantic confession to police, prosecutors say :  “The Queens woman accused of killing her ex-cop husband pumped him full of lead with two of his own guns, piercing nearly all of his organs, police sources said.”

Here is a story that draws together several issues facing men today:

  • Domestic violence perpetrated against men by women is immediately labeled as female self defense.
  • Blaming the victim is deplorable and should never be used – unless the victim is male.
  • The female murderer claims years of spousal abuse, yet the claims cannot be substantiated.

In this case – as in most cases of female-on-male violence – the woman is claiming years of spousal abuse. Now I’m not one to immediately disclaim a woman’s claim to this type of abuse because I know it happens too often. But what also happens too often are women using abuse as an excuse to minimize their accountability in these situations, or maximize their situation in divorce and child custody battles. This woman claims she shot him in response to his attack on her which resulted in a broken nose. However, authorities saw no signs of injury anywhere on her body. And I also will raise suspicion with respect to the brutality of the murder. She emptied two guns into his body. In a legitimate act of self defense, wouldn’t timing be of great importance? Getting your hands on one gun and immediately defending yourself would be normal behavior, but taking your time to grab an extra gun reeks of vengeance, not self-defense.

Ending the week on a good note.

Here is a great video summarizing men’s issues with great visuals and great music. It appears on You Tube by a man calling himself Proudguy. Click here to watch.

And here is a video that was originally sent to me by e-mail. It is from the “The Red Green Show“. 
What I like about this video is how it captures the beauty of masculinity. It displays masculinity’s creativeness, innovating spirit, and “never give up” attitude. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Click here.  (Also check out his “Luxury Car” segment.)




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