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November 10, 2008

I Am Venturing Into New Territory


I didn’t have a chance to write anything last week because I was preparing to traverse into two new avenues.

First, I have a new home on BlogTalk Radio. This website offers amateurs like me the opportunity to host their own talk show about any topic of one’s interests. The beauty of this new technology is that it allows one to broadcast live over the internet, and I can chat with my audience by way of live on-air phone calls and instant messages during the show.

I produced my first live show over the weekend, however, I didn’t promote this show because I wanted to focus on getting the “feel” for it, and working out the kinks. The show can be listened to at my home page on BlogTalk Radio (Click Here). This is also where one can check to see when I am scheduled for my next live broadcast.
The only negative I find with this live show is the audio quality. The sound is not the best, but I’m working on delivering the best sound quality the software can provide.

Also, in conjunction with my live show, I have created a new website called DigitalTestosterone.com. This website will be a collection of audio and videos related to men’s and father’s issues. The live audio shows that I produce will be recorded by me in a higher quality format than that used by BlogTalk Radio, and will be archived at DigitalTestosterone.com, in addition to BlogTalk Radio’s automatic archiving of all my work. If you missed my live show, or would like to hear the show in a higher quality format, it can be listened to or downloaded at DigitalTestosterone.com.

If you know anyone (including yourself) who is currently involved in men, father, and gender issues, and you think he or she would make an interesting guest on my show, please contact me by email. Or if you know of some event related to men and father issues happening in your town and would like me to promote it, please pass the information on. And of course, if you just want to call in to express an opinion during a live show, feel free to do so.

Also, should anyone come across any great videos or audios in relation to men’s and father’s issues that they feel would be appropriate for DigitalTestosterone.com, please send them to me. Or if you come across a news story that you feel would be a great topic on my live show, please forward it.

Links for both websites can be found in the sidebar on this page.




April 6, 2008

An Hour With J. Soltys


Here is my podcast for the week. My podcasts attempt to balance the dichotomy of looking seriously at issues affecting men and fathers, and at the same time, trying to make it entertaining by the inclusion of typical male humor. It can be listened to or downloaded here

This week I fly solo again, covering topics that include:

— A humorous look at Hillary Clinton’s analogy to the movie persona Rocky Balboa which includes an exclusive interview with Hillary herself!

— A Colorado college found two male students guilty of violating school policy after mocking a project by a college feminist group because it contained offensive material. However, both groups used similar material in their projects, but the female students received no punishment.

— A new study shows that men and women behave differently when acknowledging the subtleties of dating cues. Is the research sexist towards men?

— Joe gives his salute to the beginning of the baseball season and wonders what baseball will be like this year without Barry Bonds, which ends with a comedic honoring of the controversial legend.

Musical guest this week: Delilah Why performing Givin It and the Joel Lightman Band performing Good Bye, Good Luck, Good Riddance.

(Correction: During the show, I mistakenly called Delilah Why “Delilah” and their song Givin It “Why Givin It”. I apologize to the band and my listeners.

March 30, 2008

New Podcast is Posted

I’ve posted my most recent podcast. It can be found by clicking on JJ’s Garage-Semi-Live in the sidebar or by clicking here.

For this podcast I go solo, as my partner Jim is taking a sabbatical. This is the first time I’ve had to do a show by myself.
I talk about Hillary Clinton, her lies, and her daughter’s “shock and awe” over the question of her mother’s handling of the Monica affair.
I also talk about the increasing stories of false allegations of rape being committed by women and the limited consequences they suffer.
I then share a female writer’s article with my listeners concerning her disgust with spring break gals who look forward to this tradition to hyper-sexualize themselves.
And I end with some serious man talk: Ten drinks men should never order. 

So enjoy!

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